Welcome to the Piccolo Theatre

The Piccolo Theatre is a professional theatre for children, teenagers and young adults. We run the divisions children’s and youth theatre, puppet play, dance and theatre pedagogy. On average, we have twelve plays for all ages in our repertoire and work out six new productions per season. Our concern is to make a theatre of the senses, which deals with the elementary things of life.

We bring feelings, dreams and wishes to the stage, but also problems, contradictions and questions that affect children, young people and their families.

We want children and adolescents to grow up with confidence and self-determination and we support them with our artistic repertoire containing acting, puppetry, music and dance.

The Piccolo Theatre is a member of the international children’s and youth theatre organization ASSITEJ.

theatre and dance education

In currently 19 groups, children and young people between the ages of 5 and 21 can try out drama, dance theatre, puppet play and dance. Rehearsals take place once or twice a week over the whole season. The results can then be admired on a weekend either at the Spielträume or at the Tanzträume, our annual presentations, on the large stage of the Piccolo Theatre.
In addition, we regularly realize projects in cooperation with other cultural institutes, dance and theatre groups, choreographers and artists. We regularly take part in national and international exchanges, festivals and other cultural events.
Theatre department: 0355 – 2891 303 14
Maria Schneider: m.schneider@piccolo-cottbus.de
Dance department: 0355 – 2891 303 16
Zaida Ballesteros Parejo: z.ballesteros@piccolo-cottbus.de

KoLabor – an open theatre experiment

An open workshop for teenagers and adults of all nations who want to try out various forms of theatre. Whether it be dance, theatre, puppet play, narrative theatre or fencing, the KoLabor is the place for you to try it out!
Every second Tuesday of the month from 17:30. to 19:30 a new experiment is taking place with new ideas and new and old teammates and friends.
Registration is not required, participation is free of charge. You can find the current dates in our monthly schedule.
This project is carried out in collaboration with the Humanistischen Jugendwerk and the Freiwilligenagentur Cottbus.
Contact: 0355 – 2891 303 14
Maria Schneider: m.schneider@piccolo-cottbus.de

interTWINed European theatre festival of the youth

The “interTWINed – European festival of the youth” has developed as an international youth exchange from a network of European city partnerships. Since 2010, the young drama groups of the interTWINed family have been meeting every two years in different European cities for theatre exchange. In 2017 and 2019 the festival took place at the Piccolo Theatre in Cottbus.
Contact: 0355 – 23687
Matthias Heine: m.heine@piccolo-cottbus.de

Traveling with penguin – suitable for guest performances

A puppet show off two suitcases
Concept and direction: Ensemble

The penguin got lost. He stands alone in front of a house far from the South Pole, where he lives. The child behind her apartment door is amazed at the strange guest in his black and white suit, but it quickly becomes clear to him: someone needs help here! The two embark on an adventurous journey, courageous and full of obstacles. And while the stormy sea comes up with so many dangers, the child and penguin discover not only the South Pole, but also a deep and honest friendship. A poetic puppet show about real friendship that doesn’t need words.

The piece is staged with minimal props and is therefore easy to transport and set up. The few parts of the text can be translated into the language of the performance location. The show is particularly suitable for guest performances in small and medium-sized venues as well as international festivals.
Languages ​​currently available are: German, English, French, Spanish, Polish and Russian.

cast: Josephine Egri and Hauke ​​Grewe
Contact: 0355 – 23687
Mathies Rau: m.rau@piccolo-cottbus.de

international Cottbus‘ Puppet Play Festival „Hände Hoch“

Every year in October, the Piccolo Theatre belongs completely to the puppeteers. The puppet festival „HÄNDE HOCH“, organized by the “Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Puppenspiels e.V.” (Association of Friends and Supporters of Puppetry) and the Piccolo Theatre Cottbus, has been taking place for many years. The focus is on the fascination of puppetry. Remarkable productions for all ages are offered to viewers from Friday to Sunday. Puppeteers from various regions in Germany and around the world will give you a ticket to the realm of fantasy for a whole weekend.
Contact: 0355 – 23687
Mathies Rau: m.rau@piccolo-cottbus.de

English theatre for young people

Since 2000 there has been a theatre exchange between the partner cities of Gelsenkirchen / Oberhausen and Cottbus. Every spring, the young drama groups of the Sophie Scholl Gymnasium and the Annette-Droste-Hülshoff Gymnasium come to Cottbus and perform English plays on the Piccolo stage.
Contact: 0355 – 23687
Matthias Heine: m.heine@piccolo-cottbus.de